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Leaflets----Household Chores - Safety Hints for Window Cleaning Work
Green Cross----September 2016
Poster----Apply Pointing and Calling Practices to Reduce Human Errors – Working at Height
Sedentary and Professional Services----Issue 47 - Prevention of Influenza at Workplace
Health Care Services----Issue 41 - OSH for Working in Elderly Home
Catering & Hospitality Services----Issue 59 - Manual Handling Operation
Green Cross----July 2016
Poster----Enhancing OSH performance through 5S Good Housekeeping practices
Manufacturing Industry----Issue 7 – Personal Protective Equipment
Import Export and Wholesale Retail Trade----Issue 19 - Health of Lower Limb and Stretching Exercises
OSH Ambassador Newsletter----Issue 32 - OSH Ambassador - Steps to Improve Safety
Poster----Equipping Safety Devices to the Tail Lifts is Essential to Prevent Trapping Accidents
Poster----Use Proper Working Platform for Working at Height
Poster----Use Portable Residual Current Device to Prevent Leakage Accidents
Construction Industry----Issue 48 – Safety of Outdoor Works
Property Management, Environmental Hygiene and Recycling----Issue 25 – Safety at Work in Adverse Weather
Electrical and Mechanical Trade and Repair of Vehicles----Issue 55 - Work Safety on Refrigerant Replacement and Compressed Gases
Poster----Good stress management brings better performance
Poster----Make use of step platform when working at height
Poster----Stretching reduces strains

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