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Strategic areas of importance

In addition to formulating the scope and strategic directions of research development for the Council, the Research Committee is entrusted to set out the annual research priorities related to occupational safety and health and to scrutinize the progress and reports of the approved projects. We focus our research efforts to collect and analyze factual and accurate information that will reflect the current status of occupational safety and health in Hong Kong, and work out practical control measures to improve the workplace standards, and it serves as a good baseline to identify the clear objective for the industry and the community. This year, the Research Committee has laid down the following strategic research areas of importance and we always welcome submission of other relevant research proposals from tertiary institutions: -

1. Auxiliary delivery aids such as carrying bags for the courier industry;
2. Occupational safety and health survey for the recycling industry;
3. Practical engineering solutions to control occupational hazards at workplaces such as safety advices for high-risk processes in construction sites and the catering trade;
4. Occupational health problems including work stress and workplace violence; and
5. Occupational safety & health problems in small and medium enterprises.

Approach of research

The research proposal in each area can be one or in combination of the following approaches:

an applied type research;
formulation of advice and recommendation to alleviate the problems;
collecting data to identify the critical factors involved.


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