Safety and Health Improvement Partnership Scheme (SHIPS) Safety and Health Improvement Partnership Scheme (SHIPS)
Safety and Health Improvement Partnership Scheme (SHIPS)

What is the SHIPS

Member organizations participating in this Partnership Scheme will be identified as the Council's strategic partner for launching improvement projects to reduce hazards at work in environment, and to enhance the saf et y management system. The priority projects currently inviting partnerships is 5S Good Housekeeping.

Benefits to the Member Organizations

Through the Partnership Scheme, member organizations are able to:

1. establish an active partnership with the Council including the one year free advisory services on OSH.
2. strengthen the corporate competitiveness through improving safety performance and reducing the workplace injuries and diseases.
3. build a corporate team spirit with employers and employees working together in creating a safe and healthy working environment.
4. benchmark their experiences with the Green Cross Group network.

How to Apply

All Green Cross Group members are eligible to apply for the Partnership Scheme. Interested member organizations are required to go through a screening process under which they have to submit the background information of the corporation, the current OSH performance and the proposal outlining the safety improvement plans. The section on current OSH performance should include information on the accident statistics in recent years, major causes of accidents, the OSH issues needing improvement and the existing safety management system.

The proposed improvement plan should state clearly the resources committed by the corporation including involvement of the management, manpower, the financial undertaking, deliverables and the time table s et for project, etc. Commitment from the management and the employees are essential for the continual improvement.

Experience Sharing for Continual Improvement

Member organizations being identified as our strategic partner in the Partnership Scheme are required to share their experiences with the Green Cross Group net work and the industry through seminars, publications or other forms of sharing organized by the Council. Lessons learned from the improvement plans would benefit the entire business community and would lead the industry towards continual improvement on their safety performance.


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