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Recycling Fund : Recycling Industry Safety and Health Enhancement Scheme

What is ”OSH Star Recycling Enterprise”?

The ”OSH Star Recycling Enterprise” has implemented 5S GoodHousekeeping practices and maintained good recycling work safety standards. The enterprise also passed the requirements under the Hong Kong Safety and Health Certification Scheme.

How will the OSH Star Recycling Enterprise benefit?

✔ Rebate on employee compensation insurance premium
✔ Free personal protective equipment and OSH enhancement tools
✔ Free OSH training with training allowance
✔ Free consultancy and certification service
✔ Earning reputation through safety enhancement
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​Application "Scheme Closed"

Fax: 3106 0263
Enquiry: 3106 8573 Ms. Yanny Yu or 3106 3743 Ms. Maggie Law

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