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Good Housekeeping

The management concept of “5S” is promoted for good housekeeping practice in workplaces, which includes five complementary principles of “Organisation”, “Neatness”, “Cleanliness”, “Standisation” and “Discipline”. “5S” is a practically management tool for good housekeeping practice in workplaces. It not only helps enterprise to implement a good housekeeping plan to systematically build a clean, tidy and organized working environment in which employees can work contentedly according to the standardized working procedures and storage of tools and materials, but also helps to avoid or mitigate losses resulting from workplace disorganization and injuries.

Concept of “5S”
1. “Organisation” requires sorting and disposal of all items placing in the workplace.
2. “Neatness” identifies location and quantity for storing and demands orderly arrangement for better retrieval and return.
3. “Cleanliness” means cleaning and guarantees all things or equipment to be kept in a clean and well-functioning condition.
4. “Standisation” regulates and enforces the results of “Organisation”, “Neatness”, “Cleanliness” by setting up guidelines and procedures.
5. “Discipline” is the repeated 5S application in everyday work tasks by all staff to become a good 5S work habit resulting in the discipline cultivation.

The Occupational Safety and Health Council published “Good Housekeeping DIY Kit” to promote good housekeeping practices. This DIY Kit covers the main considerations in promoting good housekeeping, practical reference materials and tools, such as samples of policy statement, action plan, identification form, sticker and audit checklist, etc. You are welcome to download and use this DIY Kit( establishing a good housekeeping system.
The Labour Department issued revised Guidance Notes on the Selection, Use and Maintenance of Safety Helmets (“GN”) in June 2018. The concerned publications were produced well before the date and do not reflect the latest requirements for wearing suitable safety helmets with chin straps fastened. The GN prevails regarding the specifications and use of the safety helmets.
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