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Key Services

The services offered by the Green Cross Group range from training, conducting benchmarking studies and researches to simply making connections between suitable partners for benchmarking. The key services provided are:

  • Benchmarking Studies - OSHC brings organizations together to participate in the process of benchmarking so they can gain the ability to measure their safety and health management performance against those organizations identified as “best-in-industry”. The Council helps members to find out what factors contribute to best practices and recommend how members can achieve peak performance by adapting best practices to their organizations.
  • Information Facilities - Members can freely access OSHC's library to obtain the latest information.
  • Networking - The Group creates a local network of benchmarking organizations and practitioners and holds meeting regularly at convenient locations. It encourages common interest groups of specific industries or processes to make contact and share information.
  • Education and Training - Safety professionals are offered training in benchmarking to enable them to explore the use of benchmarking in improvement initiatives. Symposia, local and overseas study missions and workshops are organized to facilitate experience sharing and gain deeper insights into the implementation of best practices.

Other Benefits

  • Members receive a free quarterly newsletter reporting the latest safety and health news and hot topics of benchmarking practices.
  • Discounted rates for OSHC's benchmarking and safety and health management related training courses, such as safety auditing.
  • Priority access to OSHC library facilities.

Safety and Health Improvement Partnership Scheme (SHIPS)